Electronic Jacquard

  • Spectrum Electronic Jacquard Machine

    The Spectrum Electronic Jacquard machine is ideal for weaving flat Fabrics, Sarees, Garments and Technical Fabrics. 

    It produces excellent results in the form of Garments, decorative material, tapestry, silk fabric, apparels or seat covers, and technical fabrics.

    The Spectrum Electronic Jacquard machine is available in three Configurations: 1408, 1536, 2816, 3072, 4608, 6144 Hooks Configuration.

    This Jacquard is very robust, wear-resistant, and designed for many years of daily use with a minimum of maintenance. Due to their compactness these machines can easily be integrated in any weaving mill.

      • It is Quick and easy to install
      • Has minimal vibration and operational Simplicity
      • Low-friction engineering which reduces energy consumption
      • Lubricated-for-life bearings throughout
      • Optimum sealing and ventilation to prevent dust penetration and for maximum lifespan
      • Ease of operation with intuitive User Interface
      • Operating Speeds: 300-350 RPM
      • Seamless Integration with Spectrum Rapier Crank-250 Machine 

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