About Us

Spectrum Solutions & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a Surat based company engaged in design, development and manufacturing of various products. All the required areas of embedded electronic, software, network based real time software and mechanical units are designed and manufactured in house.

    To capitalize on its own expertise and to diversify in new areas of work and geography, company has opened a ‘design house’ in Pune. Company intends to begin with software products. Various Software products will be designed to work in online, real-time, networked and cloud environment in fields of database applications, audio visual applications and graphical usage.

    Company presently is using its own designed complete ERP system for its manufacturing. It intends to further develop it and market it. It has developed a platform for audio visual applications on mobile and internet. It will develop it further.

    Embedded Systems. It designs and manufactures ARM Cortex based real time systems to control various machines it manufactures and also supplies to other OEMs and end users. Complete development and manufacturing aspects of hardware, firmware and software is designed in house.

    Rapier looms. State of the art, crank Rapier looms are designed and manufactured by the company. Loom is completely electronically controlled using Mitsubishi make servo motors and drives. All fabric designed attachments like dobby and jacquard are also of own designed and are manufactured in-house along with the loom. The loom commands a premier rating in the market.
   Down the line company has developed Real-time Data Acquisition Systems on .net platform for remote monitoring & off line data analysis for rapier looms & other machines.